Every business owner should work with a VA. A Virtual Assistant made the conscious choice to be involved in virtual work, to improve and enhance their own work environment. This allows for flexibility, creativity, and entrepreneurship.

We are focused and dedicated. We nurture a positive outlook on work and life integration. What’s not to love about that?

We like working with interesting people, can choose our own hours, and create our own business model to support our lifestyle. I get to hang out in places like this:

Why Work with a VA - Picture of Étang de Laurenti, France

Étang de Laurenti (Laurenti Lake), Ariège, Pyrenees

So are you working with interesting people, choosing your own hours, and creating your business model to support your lifestyle?

Signs you need to work with a VA

  • Your business is expanding, but you are working more and more
  • You are attracting new clients, but cannot take them on because you have no time
  • You are still managing tasks you were doing when you started your business
  • Your role has grown and developed, but you are still updating your own website, and answering basic email queries

Why work with me? What can I do for you?

  • I have the tech know-how, and the experience to help you get up and running, especially with online revenue streams.
  • I am a qualified coach and trainer, perhaps just like you!
  • I can help you with the aspects of your business that you find difficult, have no experience with, or absolutely dread having to do.
  • You shouldn’t HAVE to do business functions you don’t like. After all, you are in this game to increase your freedom, be in charge of your own destiny, and design the work and life you want, right?
  • You definitely don’t want to get bogged down doing tasks you don’t even like, or find too challenging. You will find that after a while, you will begin to resent the choices you have made. You resent your work, and ultimately, your business!

Over to you

So now you know what I can do for you. It’s your turn to explore if we can work together. Review my VA Services and decide what is relevant to where your business is right now. Then, make contact and we will take it from there.

I look forward to your email!

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