Hiring a freelancer, contractor, or outsourcing work to a Virtual Assistant takes resources. I know this sounds obvious, but I am not ONLY referring to money as a resource.

You need to brush your teeth every morning, and in this modern world, not using some kind of abrasive paste just doesn’t provide the same result as simply rubbing your teeth with your fingers.

How is your morning routine these days?

Our morning routine has come from either conditioning or creating new habits to get us up and out the gap every morning. Someone drilled into us at an early age, the importance and benefits of brushing our teeth. We continued this practice because we know it’s good for us.

If you’ve never brushed your teeth, most likely you would be toothless by now.

Perhaps you are like me and are blessed with good genes. You may not see the value of brushing your teeth and spending $10 a month on cleaning apparatus and products.

Some people have a ‘laissez-faire’ attitude to their morning routine, and some need a purposeful routine. Whatever you choose to do, brushing your teeth is generally included.

But what are you achieving by brushing your teeth? You’re not curing anything. Rather, you are brushing your teeth as a preventative. This is good, right? Getting on top of things before problems happen. Well done!

Let’s say you did brush your teeth all your life and will continue to invest time and resources on this preventative. You can visualise the benefits because you learned them.

What if I told you that flossing and using mouthwash every day will further prevent decay and future problems? Do you do this as much as you brush your teeth?

Or do you believe that by brushing your teeth, you are doing the basic maintenance? The flossing and mouthwash will come if and when you experience problems.

Why you can afford a Virtual Assistant

It’s hard to predict future problems, isn’t it?

So many of us think “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”

Any motorcycle enthusiast will disagree with this, (especially if you are my husband.)

If he replaces one thing on one side of the engine, the other is also replaced, so everything is balanced and wearing evenly, providing the most comfortable and safest ride.

What’s this got to do with hiring a VA?

I’m glad you asked!

So let’s look at why we should view hiring a virtual assistant like brushing our teeth (or maintaining our motorcycle):

#1 Prevention is better than cure

It’s why we brush our teeth or get the flu jab in winter. We are pro-actively seeking wellness over illness.

If you are ready to grow your business and literally do not have the time, knowledge, or skill to scale, then it’s time to bring in the experts.

[Tweet “A #virtualassistant will release resources so you can grow your business”]

A virtual assistant will release resources to your benefit so you can achieve the important goals you have set to grow your business.

If this is in place early on, you avoid falling into tooth decay (overwhelmed, overworked, overtired, overstretched, and underachieved.)

#2 What does it cost NOT to hire a Virtual Assistant?

I wrote specific examples of how you are costing your business money in a recent post using very basic math(s). Check it out if you feel you don’t need help in your business.

We all have multiple ‘costs of doing business’ such as hosting, graphic design, SEO, accountancy, coaching, etc.

A virtual assistant differs from these costs simply because we are removing hurdles from your money-making achievements by doing the very things you could be doing, but at what cost?

So rather than pondering “I cannot afford a VA,” ponder instead “how can I afford a VA?”

#3 Programs vs Progress

Oh yes! The programs!

Hire a coach, they say!

Get on a program, they say!

Join a mastermind, they say!

Have you heard these phrases, or even received the advice to hire a Coach, or join a mastermind?

Cool, I condone this! As an experienced life and business Coach, I understand the importance of drive, goals, and accountability.

These programs require follow through and habitual action, like brushing your teeth.

They require that you are focused and actually have the time and energy to focus on growing your business. To make that time, you must sacrifice other resources.

There is an easier way. You hire a VA today and free up resources you need to complete your programs and build your business.

So now, you can afford a Virtual Assistant

Indian girl says you can afford a Virtual Assistant

So you’re ready to up the stakes!

You’re ready to take the leap!

You are ready to grow your business!

You’re also wondering how you are going to get the time and headspace to fit all this in!

Enter the virtual assistant. Enter tranquillity. Enter blissful headspace to spend on your business and give it the attention and time it deserves.

Yes, we can do this, because you cannot do it alone!

That’s why you are there and I am here, ready to spark up a working relationship based on trust, dedication, and commitment! Contacting me today will release your power and stop the decay.

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