A Virtual Assistant is a business owner who provides virtual (remote/online) support services to their clients.

What is a Virtual Assistant?

A very common question in the business world. VA was previously seen as a profession. Currently, with the explosion of freelance web designers, copywriters, social media managers, etc., VA has become an industry. They usually provide professional administrative, technical, or creative support services.

A Virtual Assistant can come from almost any style of professional background, and their background usually guides them into a specific industry or niche, certainly initially.

They usually provide professional administrative, technical, or creative assistance and are generally multi-skilled, multi-talented, and highly professional.

There can be two types of Virtual Assistant

A Virtual Administrator will work on administrative or basic tasks on a set timed basis.

A Virtual Assistant will generally possess more advanced skill-sets and work very closely with a client to ensure they understand your business model and business culture, so they can provide consistent and appropriate assistance.

A Virtual Administrator or Assistant can provide many services under one hat. We tend to be people who have had different careers or job types over the span of our working lives and have accumulated an array of qualifications, skill sets and expertise.

Either way,
  • We possess a strong work ethic
  • We have a good business acumen
  • We are highly motivated
  • We strive for excellence
Our key skills include:
  • communication
  • organisation
  • management
Our key traits include:
  • reliability
  • attention to detail
  • autonomy

I am a Virtual Assistant – How can I help?

I can use my extensive knowledge and experience to advise and guide you towards the available resources, tools, apps, and services you require to manage and run your business effectively. I can help you run your offline business, move your business online, or create and manage online revenue streams. Have a look at the VA Support Services page to find specific kinds of assistance available to you.

I have done the leg work already, and all you need to do is tap into that. If you want to become more profitable and expand, please give me a shout to discuss how I can help you.

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