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  • A thriving business who needs additional support to grow and scale your business?
  • An offline successful business looking to create online revenue streams?
  • A practitioner who already has clients, and now needs the business to back it up?
  • A contractor or freelancer ready to take the leap into running your own online business?
  • A new business who is aware that so many things need to be done, but you don’t have the tech knowledge to set up the different aspects of running a business like building websites, SN profiles, book-keeping systems, legal, etc.

 Been there, done that, bought the T-Shirt!

  • I understand HOW hard it is to let someone into the heart of your den.
  • I’ve been there. I get it. I experienced the same reservations.
  • I will help you produce great work, with respect, confidentiality, sensitivity, and professionalism.
  • I am your cheerleader. I want you to do well. I will relieve your pain!
  • I’ve even written a FREE guide especially for you! Outsource the Smart Way

Website Support

Setup Package:

  • Consultation – this will include discussing:
    • type of website needed
    • relevant theme options
    • written content/pages
    • SEO
    • plugins needed
    • widgets
    • integration
    • other beneficial add-ons
  • SEO / SEM
  • Build 5/6 page website:
    • Home
    • About
    • Contact
    • Blog
    • Services
    • One other page
  • Domain and Hosting.

Lite Monthly Package

  • Edit / add / delete page(s)
  • Maintain plugins and widgets
  • Update theme and manage core updates.

Pro Maintenance Package

Includes Lite Package plus:

  • Website / blog backup
  • Monitor broken links and other issues
  • Monitor comments and spam
  • Other maintenance required.

Email Marketing

Setup Package

  • Consultation about platforms, content, target audience
  • Set up an account with platform –  MailChimp, Aweber, Get Response
  • Create an email newsletter or Ezine template
  • Connect email marketing sign-up forms and marketing buttons with other platforms
  • Set up automation system.

Lite Monthly Package

  • Curate or create content for monthly production
  • Create and send single monthly newsletter / Ezine
  • Manage lists
  • Provide monthly report.

Pro Maintenance Package

Includes Lite Package plus:

  • Help grow list using website, social media accounts
  • Create and send a second newsletter (two a month)
  • Maintain platform and monitor analytics
  • Provide bi-monthly report.


Landing Pages / Optin Pages / Sales Pages

  • Set up an Optin page to gather email addresses
  • Set up landing pages to sign up for a Lead Magnet
  • Create Sales Pages to sell a course / eBook / consultancy
  • Create a sales funnel for online content
  • Share on SN sites
  • Ensuring consistency in branding / colouring / imagery across blog,
    SN sites, Ezine (newsletter), Landing Pages.

Writing Services


  • Web copy – basic package of 1000 words covering 4-5 pages
  • Copyediting – existing copy, blogs, articles
  • Proofreading – existing copy, blogs, articles
  • Creating, editing and proofing English content for non-native English speakers.

Blogging Package

  • Managing blog editorial calendar – brainstorming ideas and scheduling posts
  • Writing articles, brainstorming headlines
  • Creating SEO friendly and catchy headlines
  • Proofing/Editing as above
  • Formatting for the web – H1,H2,H3 headings, bullets, consistent paragraph breaking, integrating keywords
  • Images – sourcing free (creative commons – i.e. free to use in website or blog posts) or paid images
  • Resizing / formatting images for blog
  • Creating blog post introductions for LinkedIn Pulse, SN accounts.

Courseware / Workbooks / PDFs

  • Proofing (spelling, grammar, punctuation, typos etc.)
  • Edit suggestions (re-wording complicated sentences)
  • Formatting consistency (layout, chapters, page numbering, headings, images, design.)

Social Media Management

Setup Package

  • Consultation, research on SN handles, what to post, when to post
  • Create new Facebook Business Page
  • Create Twitter, Google+, plus one other Profile
  • Setup 1-2 automation rules
  • Set up Hootsuite / Buffer / Crate / MeetEdgar.

Lite Monthly Package

  • Curate / Create unique content for 30 posts
  • Sourcing and resize images for tweets, FB posts
  • Adding logos, text to images for SN content.

Special LinkedIn Package

  • Consultation about why and what to include
  • Scan your existing LI profile / CV for the relevant information to include
  • Develop a keyword-driven headline
  • Write a relevant and engaging (and keyword-driven) summary
  • Add key accomplishments and other highlights
  • Review and update additional relevant sections
  • Create a customised URL (if not already created)
  • ‘Humanize’ your profile to attract and engage readers
  • Add skills so connections can endorse you.

Other Services

CMS / CRM systems.

Task Management Software

Online Communications Systems

IT and Business Training and Coaching

Email / Calendar Management

Transcription Services

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New Business / Start-Up Support Ideas

1. Market Research

Assuming you have already done your market research for your product or service, you need to figure out how to be found online – how people are searching for similar products and services and what type of website, and social media platforms best suit your business model.

2. Business Planning

If you need funding or wish to apply for grants or enterprise support, you will need to develop your existing business plan into a presentation style, along with your speech, slides, visuals, and figures.

3. Start-Up Website setup

Setting up a basic website (or signing up with existing services) to get you online using the best platforms available (e.g. WordPress) and plugins to drive and attract traffic. Integrating other aspects such as payment systems, email marketing, etc.

4. Accounts Packages

Bookkeeping, Tax compliance, and Invoicing are an essential part of managing your business. You either love or hate accounts! Excel is not an accounting system, and NOT a good starting point. Accounting packages have become more intuitive and can even manage the double accounting system for you. But it is time-consuming, and it costs you more to do your daily/weekly accounts than spend that same time with your clients or working on an aspect of your business that will attract clients.

5. Marketing

What a heading – it’s too broad to mean just one thing. Your Marketing Plan needs to include Social Media marketing, such as blogging and managing social network accounts. It may include running a podcast, or video blog (vlogging) depending on your business type. Automating certain tasks can be a huge time saver for you the business owner. Getting the right advice to work on relevant (and profitable) platforms will kick-start your digital marketing campaign.

6. Customer Support

Your clients love you. They rely on you. But you cannot be there for them every single moment. You want them to feel appreciated and looked after, so having someone who can respond to their queries about a change of appointment or an update on their project will ensure you are in constant contact with them, even when you are physically present with another client.

7. Tech Support

Bridging the gap between soft service providers and the hardcore business of dealing with tech – that’s where I shine. My working life revolves around blending soft skills and the use of tech, bringing them together so they can communicate in synergy to help you drive your business forward.

8. Going Online – Sales Funnel

Setting up a sales funnel to market your products online. This is especially useful for content you have created and are already using offline. Creating written, audio, visual and interactive content to create extra revenue channels.

9. The Irish eyes are smiling

If you are still reading, you are definitely considering taking on the help you need. I have brought you this far and I can only make certain guarantees with regard to success. I will also offer you a smiling face with each call, a friendly approach, and an honest and transparent approach to our relationship. As a coach, my style is very direct, I like to cut to the chase. This is also my style as an Online Business Manager and Virtual Assistant.

Website Support

WordPress Setup Package
Web copy & Images
Lite Monthly Package
Pro Maintenance Package
WP Blog Package

Social Media

SM Account Set Up Package (3)
SM Monthly Content Package
Scheduling & Automation
Special LinkedIn Package

Sales Funnels

Optin / Landing Pages
Email Integration & Automation
Webinars, Live Launches
Creating Lead Magnets
Social Media Integration

Email Marketing

Email Platform Setup Package
Monthly Content Creation Package
Lists, Forms, Automation
Pro Maintenance Package

Writing Services

Copywriting, Copy editing, Proofreading
Web Copy, Blogging, Sales Copy
Courseware / Workbooks / PDFs
Proofing for non-native English copy

Other Services

CRM Setup & Maintenance
Video / Audio Editing
Training Video Production
Streamlining Processes
Transcription Services

Are you ready to start your online business?

I immediately felt I was in good hands! (GDPR)

The way Elaine approached GDPR was thorough and methodical and I immediately felt I was in good hands. I felt like I didn’t need to worry about it, just wait for the next email telling me what to do! And that is exactly what I wanted.

If you want someone to “sort out” GDPR for you then call Elaine! Her thorough and documented approach means GDPR compliance won’t keep you up at night.

Carine San Juan ~ Carine San Juan Coaching

Elaine has knocked it out of the park! (GDPR)

As expected, Elaine has knocked it out of the park in terms of being organised, knowledgeable, telling me exactly what I needed to do and when. She turned around the work in a very short timeframe, making my GDPR compliance project as easy as possible for me.

Liz Barron ~ Realize Coaching  Consulting

I think Elaine's fantastic!

If you lack order, efficiency and technical know-how, and you want to take your business to the next level, Elaine is the springboard for you. She'll help you scale your content and your business, and you'll have fun along the way.

Jasper Walshe ~ Jasper Walshe and Associates

A great mix of friendly, approachable and professional!

Elaine really cares about the work she does and provides great feedback on what you are trying to do. She also gets a lot done in the time. I enjoy working with Elaine; she is able to keep me on track with what I need to do. I feel I can confidently work with her.

Sam Neffendorf ~ EFTNow

From start to finish Elaine is amazing!

I am a control freak so handing something over and not micromanaging is difficult for me but with Elaine, I am able to just send the info and leave her to it, and the results are always perfect. I know how difficult it is to find really good support and how bad experiences can put people off outsourcing, but not outsourcing prevents you from growing your business, so finding the right person is imperative and Elaine is that person.

Michelle Nunan ~ Divisoup and & Pink Gecko Media

Elaine just gets the job done!

Elaine came highly recommended. She is always on time, always proactive rather than reactive (I like that), and a lovely person too. She’s easy to work with, works to a minimal brief, and just gets the job done.

Andrew Palmer ~ Elegant Marketplace

Elaine is a recipe for success!

Elaine came up with a social media strategy my business and walked me through all the different platforms. She set up lots of back office scheduling tools to make the whole process smooth and efficient. I was kept accountable and having Elaine on board helped me overcome the overwhelm and resistance to publishing.

Louise Normandiere ~ Phrases Translations

Elaine really cares about doing the best for her clients.

Elaine gets really clear on a project so she can go ahead and do the required tasks. She gently chases me for an answer or input from me when she needs it. She listens carefully to my requirements. She takes initiative but also checks in to make sure I’m happy.

Stephanie Kakris ~ High Performance Club Pty Ltd.

Elaine is responsive, creative, and thorough.

Elaine came highly recommended. She is responsive, creative, understands the briefs and delivers precisely to it. She questions and clarifies as needed. Elaine is a great person to work with. She is creative and very thorough. She makes sure she understands what is needed and delivers what she promises, on time.

Helen Jones ~ Pelican Marketing & Reseach

I wish I could work with Elaine full-time!

When I spoke with Elaine, I was impressed with her knowledge and aptitude. She is organised, exceptionally capable, and knowledgeable about business and marketing. Elaine is truly exceptional at her job and she consistently goes over and above the call of duty to help me deliver results in a very short time.

Emma D'Arcy ~ Emma D Marketing

Elaine’s questions and approach forced me to step up!

I was spending time and energy doing things for my business I didn't want to do and didn't feel like I was getting good value from my last VA. I work with Elaine because of her coaching background, and her no-bullsh*t approach. I have had things fixed and changed in my business I didn't know were an issue, and Elaine’s questions and approach have forced me to step up as a business owner and take my business more seriously.

Caroline Southwell ~ Caroline Southwell Dot Com

Elaine is a great communicator and delivers!

I was overwhelmed when it came to funnels and how everything would integrate. I found Elaine helpful, clear and organised before we even began to work together. She is approachable and pro-active in her communications. Elaine will get down to the nitty-gritty of what you’re trying to achieve in your business and not make assumptions.

Nicola Potzas ~

Elaine is very well organised and straight-forward.

Chaos is disappearing! I've tried planning my time for the past 4 years and failed miserably. Elaine is very well organised and is straight-forward. She tells me what to do, when and how, with great tools. She encourages me and I feel more self-confident. I am learning a lot AND achieving a lot too!

Barbara Pani ~ Steven Harkin Design

Elaine does an excellent job!

Recently Elaine worked with one of our clients to produce website content by interviewing, corresponding and writing SEO friendly content. She treated our client with respect and did an excellent job.

I encourage anyone looking for this service to avail of Elaine’s talents in this area.

Niamh Ni Chearbhaill ~ Spiralli Business Solutions

Elaine is Awesome!!

She has worked with us in a number of different capacities over the last number of years and most recently as a virtual trainer delivering training in ‘Social Media for Business’ webinars for one of our largest clients. Elaine always goes above and beyond of what is expected of her and is a true professional in everything she does.

Marieanne O'Driscoll ~ E-Bridge Training

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