I needed to ensure my business was GDPR compliant and as an independent coach having the time to ensure all the paperwork was complete and I understood the requirements to ensure compliance was a challenge.

Coming from a coaching background and combined with her experience as a VA, I believed Elaine would understand the challenges I faced and be in a position to work with me.

It is a pleasure to work with Elaine. She has guided me though a complex area of GDPR, ensured my business is compliant and that I am using the correct documentation, storage solutions, coachee briefing documentation and privacy policy.

Elaine’s professionalism and attention to detail is exemplary. She has excellent communication skills and an amazing ability to make complex areas understandable. I also believe Elaine has helped me look at how I run my business generally, which is an added value way beyond just GDPR.

I have found the online working tools we use together very helpful as with a Virtual working relationship it enables us to stay in touch and keep on track of various pieces of work.

Rachel Doogue

Rachel Doogue Coaching

I was overwhelmed with what needed to be done about GDPR and running out of time. Elaine was knowledgeable and approachable. I appreciated her no-nonsense approach as it matched mine when it comes to legal requirements, plus she had an understanding of the French market which was a bonus as I operate in both the UK and French markets.

The way Elaine approached GDPR was thorough and methodical and I immediately felt I was in good hands. I felt like I didn’t need to worry about it, just wait for the next email telling me what to do! And that is exactly what I wanted.

If you want someone to “sort out” GDPR for you then call Elaine! Her thorough and documented approach means GDPR compliance won’t keep you up at night.

Carine San Juan

Carine San Juan Coaching

I was wasting too much time on admin, system and tech tasks. I found such tasks were draining, took way too long executing them, and they held me back in every sense. I needed someone to free me up to win and deliver more of my best work. Elaine provided a personality fit, has similar values to me and complementary skills.

My experience of working with Elaine is outstanding. Personality – we get on really well, enjoying some fun whilst respecting the business and professional agenda. When something needs to be addressed, she is direct yet considerate. Values – I feel we have mutual respect at both a personal and professional level. Elaine is honourable, positive and collaborative – all very important to me.

Skills – her orderly process to tasks is exactly what I need. She thinks in sequences, steps and actions, which frees me up to think of outcomes I’d like to create. Elaine takes care of project/task management, video editing, proofing copy, website and content delivery. She improves everything I do.

If you lack order, efficiency and technical know-how and you want to take your business to the next level, Elaine is the springboard for you. She’ll help you scale your business and you’ll have fun along the way.

Jasper Walshe

Jasper Walshe & Associates

I was concerned about lacking the depth of knowledge required to meet GDPR compliance and the time required to make the necessary changes.

I felt Elaine had the technical know-how, problem-solving ability and attention to detail to make the necessary changes.

Elaine has knocked it out of the park in terms of being organised, knowledgeable, telling me exactly what I needed to do and when. She made the whole project as easy as possible for me. I would be delighted to work with her again in VA work and trust her implicitly.

Elaine’s training as a business coach means that she always asks the right questions! She can solve any problem and you can trust her to deliver on commitments.

Liz Barron

Realize Coaching

Are you ready to supercharge your business?


I knew I needed to build up an online presence and design a social media marketing campaign but didn’t know where to start. For me, an English-speaking VA based in France was ideal, and the social media support package on Elaine’s website reflected exactly what I was looking for. She came up with a social media strategy for me and my business, and walked me through all the different platforms. She set up lots of back office scheduling tools to make the whole process smooth and efficient.

Elaine’s analysis told me when I should be scheduling, and she kept me accountable for doing so! Having her on board helped me overcome the overwhelm and resistance to publishing content. Going forwards, knowing that she will take care of all the icky techy behind the scenes bits gives me a huge sense of relief. 

Elaine’s efficiency and tech-savvy skills combined with her friendly, no-nonsense personality, are a recipe for success!
Louise Normandiere ~ Phrases Translations

From start to finish Elaine was amazing, I am a control freak so handing something over and not micromanaging is difficult for me but with Elaine, I was able to just send the info and leave her to it, and the results were perfect.

I know how difficult it is to find really good support and how bad experiences can put people off outsourcing, but not outsourcing prevents you from growing your business, so finding the right person is imperative and Elaine is that person. She gets the job done and gets it done very well.
Michelle Nunan ~ Divisoup and & Pink Gecko Media

I had too much to do in an online capacity, struggled with structure and managing my team. When I spoke with Elaine, I was impressed with her knowledge and aptitude. Elaine is organised, exceptionally capable, and knowledgable about business and marketing. In addition, she is an excellent administrator.

Elaine is a joy to work with as I knew in my heart and soul I could give her a task and that she would complete it to a very high standard, without me having to constantly check (which I had to do with other VAs!)

Additionally Elaine is terrific to make suggestions on how I could improve certain aspects of the project. I find Elaine to be truly exceptional at her job and she consistently goes over and above the call of duty to help me deliver results in a very short time.

Elaine is supremely capable, practical and a great person to have work on any projet. I wish I could work with her full-time!
Emma D’Arcy ~ Emma D Marketing

We needed to ensure that our Closed Captions on our learning videos were of a great quality. Elaine came highly recommended. She is always on time, always proactive rather than reactive (I like that), and a lovely person too. She’s easy to work with, works to a minimal brief, and just gets the job done.
Andrew Palmer ~ Elegant Marketplace

I am full of good ideas, but not always so hot at the execution, so I was looking for some support. I found Elaine to be very knowledgeable about the kind of online business that I wanted. She was able to offer great suggestions. I also felt that she would be able to keep me on track with what I needed to do.Elaine is also a great mix of friendly, approachable and professional and I felt I could confidently work with her.

One example that I’ve been very happy with recently was when Elaine re-wrote a video script for me. It improved on what I’d done in several ways and I was also very pleased with the way she outlined the structure of what she did and why it was important alongside the script. This means I can now use this template on my future work.

She has great knowledge in the online space, really cares about the work she does and provides great feedback on what you are trying to do. She also gets a lot done in the time. In addition, I enjoy working with her.
Sam Neffendorf ~ EFTNow

I was overwhelmed when it came to funnels and how everything would integrate. I wanted to focus on the content, rather than the tech stuff. Elaine was approachable and pro-active in her communications. I found her helpful, clear and organised before we even began to work together.
I find Elaine will get down to the nitty-gritty of what you’re trying to achieve in your business and not make assumptions. Elaine provides great communication and delivers!
Nicola Potzas ~ nicolapotzas.com

With initial contact, Elaine seemed very confident, capable and keen to learn. She is very professional, has great communication skills, and ensures clear expectations from the beginning. Fantastic follow up and I am very happy with the completed work.

Elaine gets really clear on the project so she can go ahead and do the required tasks. She gently chases me for an answer or input from me when she needs it. She is keen to learn anything that she might not know and will listen carefully to my requirements. She takes initiative but also checks in to make sure I’m happy.

Elaine is efficient and personable, a wonderful person who really cares about her work and doing the best for her clients. It also means a better use of my time to promote and deliver my products services than figure out technology and admin stuff.
Stephanie Kakris ~ High Performance Club Pty Ltd.

Recently Elaine worked with one of our clients to produce website content by interviewing, corresponding and writing SEO friendly content. She treated our client with respect and did an excellent job. I encourage anyone looking for this service to avail of Elaine’s talents in this area.
Niamh Ni Chearbhaill ~ Spiralli Business Solutions

Elaine is Awesome!!

She has worked with us in a number of different capacities over the last number of years and most recently as a virtual trainer delivering training in ‘Social Media for Business’ webinars for one of our largest clients.
Elaine always goes above and beyond of what is expected of her and is a true professional in everything she does.
Marieanne O’Driscoll ~ E-Bridge Training Limited

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