Retainer Packages

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Retainer packages are a recurring provision of a set number of hours per month. They offer you flexibility for different types of services (for example, website updating with newsletter management and ad-hoc tasks.)

I have designed each retainer to offer complete flexibility. You can use the hours how and when you need. Once we have agreed to work together, we begin with a trial of one month (paid in advance), and then a monthly commitment (paid in advance.) If you need more hours per month, we can work on a tailored plan together. Please note, unused hours do not roll over to the following month. A review can be made at any time, subject to contract.

VA Ad-hoc

If you have different types of tasks to outsource and are not completely sure of the how and when, you can buy a number of hours that you use over a period of 3 months.

This package offers total flexibility with a variety of tasks:

For example (but not limited to):

  • Quick fixes and edits to website, email automation
  • Scheduling and proofing SM posts
  • Updating WP plugins and core files
  • Creating a backup of a website
  • Redesigning a template for email campaigns
  • Advising on best practice and best approach
  • Streamlining processes and procedures
  • Creating a SOP or Operating Manual for your business
  • Helping with tenders, business plan, sales copy, email copy
  • Many, many other possibilities

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VA Lite

If you have definitive but light VA needs on an ongoing basis, the VA Lite package is for you. This package is designed to allow for continued monthly support for the busy entrepreneur who needs a number of tech or writing tasks accomplished each month.

A great package for Coaches and Consultants who are starting out, or growing their online profiles and content. I can help you clear the decks and guide you along the path of lead magnets, email automation, webinars, videos, online challenges, and courses.

This package provides complete attention to your sales funnel:

For example (but not limited to):

  • Preparing and creating a lead magnet
  • Copy-editing and proofing of email sequences
  • Copywriting, copyediting and proofing of sales copy
  • Editing videos and managing webinars for sales funnels
  • Back end support – connecting all the bits including getting paid!)
  • Timely execution of each element of the sales funnel
  • Creating/editing course material and setting up the platform
  • Social media and blog posts to support the funnel/lead magnet
  • Analysis of each aspect of the funnel
  • Follow up once the launch is complete

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VA Pro

The VA Pro provides the best value for a Retainer package. It allows complete flexibility for the business owner who has a bigger need than the VA Lite package. Because of the bigger commitment, I offer a discounted rate with this package.

If you are looking to become an authority in your field of work, that requires a certain business process. I help you clear the decks and guide you along the path of lead magnets, email automation, webinars, videos, online challenges, and courses.

Our time together is prioritised on a weekly basis, guaranteeing you more consistency with your weekly output. I prioritise urgent tasks and last minute adjustments. There is time almost daily to keep a check on certain aspects of your business.

This package offers additional flexibility to the VA Lite:

  • Tight deadlines
  • Quick turn-around
  • Urgent tasks
  • Last-minute adjustments
  • Quick fixes and edits
  • Faster communication

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I think Elaine's fantastic!

If you lack order, efficiency and technical know-how, and you want to take your business to the next level, Elaine is the springboard for you. She'll help you scale your content and your business, and you'll have fun along the way.

Jasper Walshe ~ Jasper Walshe and Associates

A great mix of friendly, approachable and professional!

Elaine really cares about the work she does and provides great feedback on what you are trying to do. She also gets a lot done in the time. I enjoy working with Elaine; she is able to keep me on track with what I need to do. I feel I can confidently work with her.

Sam Neffendorf ~ EFTNow

From start to finish Elaine is amazing!

I am a control freak so handing something over and not micromanaging is difficult for me but with Elaine, I am able to just send the info and leave her to it, and the results are always perfect. I know how difficult it is to find really good support and how bad experiences can put people off outsourcing, but not outsourcing prevents you from growing your business, so finding the right person is imperative and Elaine is that person.

Michelle Nunan ~ Divisoup and & Pink Gecko Media

Elaine just gets the job done!

Elaine came highly recommended. She is always on time, always proactive rather than reactive (I like that), and a lovely person too. She’s easy to work with, works to a minimal brief, and just gets the job done.

Andrew Palmer ~ Elegant Marketplace

Elaine is a recipe for success!

Elaine came up with a social media strategy my business and walked me through all the different platforms. She set up lots of back office scheduling tools to make the whole process smooth and efficient. I was kept accountable and having Elaine on board helped me overcome the overwhelm and resistance to publishing.

Louise Normandiere ~ Phrases Translations

Elaine really cares about doing the best for her clients.

Elaine gets really clear on a project so she can go ahead and do the required tasks. She gently chases me for an answer or input from me when she needs it. She listens carefully to my requirements. She takes initiative but also checks in to make sure I’m happy.

Stephanie Kakris ~ High Performance Club Pty Ltd.

Elaine is responsive, creative, and thorough.

Elaine came highly recommended. She is responsive, creative, understands the briefs and delivers precisely to it. She questions and clarifies as needed. Elaine is a great person to work with. She is creative and very thorough. She makes sure she understands what is needed and delivers what she promises, on time.

Helen Jones ~ Pelican Marketing & Reseach

I wish I could work with Elaine full-time!

When I spoke with Elaine, I was impressed with her knowledge and aptitude. She is organised, exceptionally capable, and knowledgeable about business and marketing. Elaine is truly exceptional at her job and she consistently goes over and above the call of duty to help me deliver results in a very short time.

Emma D'Arcy ~ Emma D Marketing

Elaine’s questions and approach forced me to step up!

I was spending time and energy doing things for my business I didn't want to do and didn't feel like I was getting good value from my last VA. I work with Elaine because of her coaching background, and her no-bullsh*t approach. I have had things fixed and changed in my business I didn't know were an issue, and Elaine’s questions and approach have forced me to step up as a business owner and take my business more seriously.

Caroline Southwell ~ Caroline Southwell Dot Com

Elaine is a great communicator and delivers!

I was overwhelmed when it came to funnels and how everything would integrate. I found Elaine helpful, clear and organised before we even began to work together. She is approachable and pro-active in her communications. Elaine will get down to the nitty-gritty of what you’re trying to achieve in your business and not make assumptions.

Nicola Potzas ~

Elaine is very well organised and straight-forward.

Chaos is disappearing! I've tried planning my time for the past 4 years and failed miserably. Elaine is very well organised and is straight-forward. She tells me what to do, when and how, with great tools. She encourages me and I feel more self-confident. I am learning a lot AND achieving a lot too!

Barbara Pani ~ Steven Harkin Design

Elaine does an excellent job!

Recently Elaine worked with one of our clients to produce website content by interviewing, corresponding and writing SEO friendly content. She treated our client with respect and did an excellent job.

I encourage anyone looking for this service to avail of Elaine’s talents in this area.

Niamh Ni Chearbhaill ~ Spiralli Business Solutions

Elaine is Awesome!!

She has worked with us in a number of different capacities over the last number of years and most recently as a virtual trainer delivering training in ‘Social Media for Business’ webinars for one of our largest clients. Elaine always goes above and beyond of what is expected of her and is a true professional in everything she does.

Marieanne O'Driscoll ~ E-Bridge Training

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