Outsourcing is always a challenge!

Regardless of what medium you use to source the help you need, it can be like searching for the latest craze toy one day before Christmas.

Stress, panic, fear of finding a broken toy, forgetting the batteries!

But searching for the perfect virtual assistant and reaching out tentatively can also feel like inviting snake-oil and dodgy characters into your precious castle.

Imagine the time you were searching for the perfect physiotherapist or personal trainer? If you had a bad experience, that can be enough to put you off indefinitely.

With thousands of virtual assistants available in the world, it’s a wonder you don’t bump into them at every street corner. In fact, you probably do and just don’t realise it.

Reasons business owners think finding the perfect virtual assistant is so hard:

  • They simply assume so (you know what ASSUME does to you and me, right? If not, email me and I’ll let you in on a little secret in that regard!)
  • They tried it once and it was a disaster!
  • They read horror stories, other people’s stories that somehow became their story.
  • They googled it once and just got information about Virginia (my US readers will know why 😉 )
  • They think a single negative experience is enough to NOT try again (boy! wait until you get your first negative comment on Youtube or troll on FB!)
  • They forgot to pull up their big girl/boy pants!

Elaine! That’s a bit harsh!

Well, drastic times call for drastic measures, right?

Let’s stop the “woe is me” and look at positive, easy ways that YOU can take to find the perfect VA – all by yourself!

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