Does your business currently feel like this?

You are in business for some years, and have successfully grown your business to the point of saturation – of YOUR time! You are ready to move your business to the next level but have no more hours left in your working week to dedicate to the expansion and growth of your business.

You are already spending every hour working IN your business, and managing the day-to-day aspects of all of the different entities of your business.

Your business is growing

To become more profitable, your business can side-step into or add additional online revenue streams – online courses, membership sites, eBooks, podcasts, webinars etc. The choices are endless, and what you choose as your means of online expansions depends on the type of online or passive income business model you wish to implement. Your business can become more streamlined to free up time for you as the architect of your work.

But you also need to free up some time to work ON your business, so that you can implement the necessary changes, and drive that growth.

I understand your challenges. Why? Because I am a business owner, I have experienced these issues, and I work in the same field as you. I am your connector. I am your project manager. I am the person who will get things done, for YOU.

If you are wondering if your business is ready to outsource, please feel free to download my new guide Outsource the Smart Way.


Are you ready to supercharge your business?


Types of Online Business Management  Support

Project Management

PM requires a certain set of skills. An OBM possesses good PM skills and can use them to help you deliver your projects on time and within budget. We can follow a simple but effective system to ensure your social media campaign or evergreen e-course is targeted and executed effectively:

  1. The project is reviewed to outline the benefits to the business
  2. A plan is put together to outline the steps needed, list resources, and set the timing, budget, and workflow
  3. Tasks and responsibilities are set in order of importance for optimum workflow
  4. The project is tracked and monitored to ensure plan is being executed effectively
  5. The project is evaluated to determine its success and to learn from any hiccups.


People Management

You have an online aspect to your business.

Your business model is such that you require expertise support with the different factions of your business, sales funnel, and administration.

So who manages all this?

Do you have a person in place to liaise with these other support services?

If not, an option for you is to hire an OBM.

Rather than the headache of trying to deal with developers, designers, VAs, business development specialist, SEO expert, etc., etc. an OBM will take over that shift, and be your right hand (wo)man.

The hours and hours of communication, emails, messages, calls etc can be combined into a manageable process whereby you deal with one person in one place.


Resources Management

The resources you use within your business are valuable and essential for its success.

And sometimes, those resources can interact and communicate together.

It’s just a matter of researching, exploring, and implementing the resources that offer you the cleanest, most efficient processes for your business to thrive and grow.

An OMB can take over this role.

We will streamline your processes and resources.

We will save everyone time, money, stress.


Operations Management

Operations make up a business’s ongoing, repetitive activities, such as accounting or compliance. Many of these processes can go unattended because of projects, sales, or simply not enough time in the day to achieve everything a business requires.

I can take over the general operations of your business, to allow you to focus on building content, building relationships, or building your business.

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