I know! I’m a Virtual Assistant. I reply and depend on apps to not only run my business efficiently and effectively, but I also use tools, apps and various platforms in each client’s business as well.

So how can Apps be killing your business?

Here’s a typical scenario: You are a Coach. You belong to a mastermind group because you want to elevate and grow your business. You communicate about your goals, chat about trials and tribulations, share wins, and support each other within the group to push forward to new levels of success.

So when a colleague in your group shares a platform they use to (INSERT AMAZING RESULT HERE), you are immediately jumping on it like a cat on a cricket.

Ok, it worked for them. Brilliant! And their business-growing efforts are quite similar to yours, so it’s definitely worth a go, right? Wrong!

This process, which I will call APP -> SYSTEM -> PRINCIPLE, is arse-ways (I am allowed to write that, it’s official Irish you know!)

We should consider PRINCIPLE -> SYSTEM -> APP

Let’s delve a little…

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A Principle is true forever: generally set in stone. A principle governs the foundation for something and doesn’t change over time (unlike our business model or focus, for example).

So let’s start with a simple concept: PRODUCTIVITY

We begin with the foundation of productivity. What does it mean to you to be productive?

Based on your PRINCIPLES of productivity, are your SYSTEMS.

A System based on your Principle means that you’ll be doing things in the proper way that supports your Principle. A system is a way of doing things. Putting systems in place is useless without building them on the foundation: your principle.

Once your system is designed, you can then research the tools that will support your system and bring it to life.

Let’s look at a basic example:

How to build a system from a principle

  1. Principle: Every email is processed
  2. System: Storage (folders) & filters (rules)
  3. Tools: Mac Mail, Gmail, MS Outlook etc.

So back to my point about hearing of a trusted App from a trusted person – we buy from people we trust, that includes ideas and recommendations.

So off you run, download the App, play with it for a few days, wondered how you survived without this amazing app and promptly forget about it. You go back to your old ways or move on to the next shiny object. Shiny objects can sap our energy and can cause us to crash rather than thrive!

Ok, I hear your objection so I’ll prove it to you – I’ll even give you a choice:

Either open up your Browser Extensions OR go to the list of programs on your PC. With either (or both if you dare), I will BET (and I am not a gambling girl) you will find apps, extensions or programs installed on your browser/PC that you had completely forgotten about!  Or perhaps you are still receiving emails from a company you are sure you’ve never heard of, yet you have had an account with them for the past three years 😉

Principle -> System -> App

Why does the App not serve you? Simply because you don’t have a system in place to support that app.

Why does the System not work? Simply because you have no principle in place to support that system.

Let’s break it down:

  1. You decide on your Principle – grow your business (perhaps using SMART goals)
  2. Now you need systems to support that principle – perhaps writing a book to achieve authority in your niche
  3. Now you need tools that will help write the book, build an audience and grow your business (back to the Principle)

This is also a basic example, but puts into perspective how using a tool or app that worked for someone else won’t necessarily achieve the same results for you and your business.

You cannot realise or grow a business on tools alone: A builder needs plans before he picks up his hammer to help build a house; a shipwright needs a blueprint before he uses his level to help build a boat; a marketer needs a social media marketing plan before he uses Facebook to help a client build their business.

What are your principles for your business?

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