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Do you want to move closer to GDPR compliance for your business?

In my line of work, each of my clients is affected by GDPR. As are you! If you provide goods or services, your clients are directly affected by you processing and securing their data. That makes YOU directly affected too. But you also run your own business. You decide why and how data is collected, processed and stored about your clients, staff and prospects. You may also work with associates or contractors. So many variables, so little time.

I was concerned about lacking the depth of knowledge required to meet GDPR compliance and the time required to make the necessary changes. As expected, Elaine has knocked it out of the park in terms of being organised, knowledgeable, telling me exactly what I needed to do and when.

She turned around the work in a very short timeframe – making the whole project as easy as possible for me. Elaine’s training as a business coach means that she always asks the right questions! She can solve any problem and you can trust her to deliver on commitments.

Liz Barron

Realize Coaching

Let’s get you GDPR compliant!

You are a Solopreneur providing a service online. This package will allow you to continue doing what you do every day knowing that the work is being done on your behalf in the background. Within two to three weeks, your business could be GDPR compliant.

Discover where you are currently NOT compliant and how to turn that around:

How does it work?

  1. Have a consultation with me to decipher your GDPR needs
  2. Fill out a detailed questionnaire
  3. We will go through your current processes and test them against GDPR
  4. I will audit your website for plugins, cookies, contact forms, etc. that process data
  5. I will audit the processes and security in your business – both offline and online
  6. I will complete a report and GDPR audit so that you can demonstrate compliance with your Supervisory Authority
  7. I will tailor a GDPR-compliant Privacy Policy, a variety of Collection Notices and a Cookie Notice for your website (using the GDPR Pack*)
  8. I will tailor any other documentation that is required for your business type (using the GDPR Pack*)
  9. A consultation afterwards with me to ensure you know how to manage your documentation going forward
  10. Receive a Final Report on what steps we took to work towards compliance.

The above is provided on the basis that you supply your own documentation. That documentation will include a Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy for your website. You will possibly also need a Processor Agreement and Data Processing Impact Assessment and other legal documentation.

These legal documents have been carefully crafted by UK-based Lawyer Suzanne Dibble. Suzanne’s special GDPR Pack includes everything you need – check it out here -> Suzanne Dibble’s GDPR Pack*

What will you come away with?

  • A step-by-step plan for your specific business
  • A completed privacy and security report and audit to demonstrate compliance
  • A GDPR-compliant Privacy Policy, a variety of compliant Collection Notices and a Cookie Notice tailored to your website (using the GDPR Pack*)
  • Any other documentation tailored for your business type (using the GDPR Pack*).
If you want someone to “sort out” GDPR for you then call Elaine! Her thorough and documented approach means GDPR compliance won’t keep you up at night. I was overwhelmed with what needed to be done about GDPR and running out of time.
Elaine was knowledgeable and approachable. I appreciated her no-nonsense approach as it matched mine when it comes to legal requirements, plus she had an understanding of the French market which was a bonus as I operate in both the UK and French markets.
I felt like I didn’t need to worry about it, just wait for the next email telling me what to do! And that is exactly what I wanted.
Carine San Juan

Carine San Juan Coaching

This package costs €597 (This price is independent of the price for the GDPR Pack mentioned above).

Use the form to the right to contact me now ->

(*by using my affiliate link, I will get a small reward for sharing Suzanne’s amazing GDPR Pack.)

I take your privacy very seriously and will only use your personal data for the purposes of responding to your enquiry. To see how I process your data and for how long, please refer to my Privacy Policy

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