Now that you know all about GDPR and how it will affect your business, it’s time to put that knowledge into a working document. By working with the audit workbook in the GDPR Smart Guide, you will accomplish the following:

  1. Create a timeline and step-by-step process for you regarding your handling of data
  2. Help you figure out where you are already compliant (yaay!)
  3. Help you identify security issues regarding your processes, IT systems and sharing of data with third parties
  4. Help you figure out what you still need to do
  5. Create a guide when figuring out your current handling and storage of data
  6. Highlight dangerous or weak platforms or apps that you currently use
  7. Put a framework on your processes and systems
  8. Provide a document to demonstrate compliance and your dedication to data protection and security
  9. Keep the inspectors and state bodies happy when they decide to pay you a visit
  10. Have peace of mind you are respectfully managing and protecting the data that has been entrusted in you – your clients, associates and subscribers deserve it, right?

References and Sources

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Easy to read summary of the full Journal (GDPR)

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Helpful Links

Helpful Table Of Contents of the GDPR Journal –

Adequacy decisions –

Privacy Shield List –

Impact of GDPR on Switzerland –

Encryption tips –

If you would like further in-depth information on the GDPR please feel free to download my comprehensive Guide to GDPR. You will also receive limited follow-up support and gain access to a DATA AUDIT WORKBOOK, a CONSENT CHECKLIST and a GDPR CHECKLIST.

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Please note: The series of articles on this blog do not promise to be either a full synopsis or full interpretation of the GDPR. Indeed I have simply taken the most important aspects of the GDPR I feel are relevant to the small business owner. Everything you read online about the GDPR will be some kind of an interpretation, synopsis or summary of the GDPR unless you read the full text in itself.

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