Am I suggesting that you should not hire a virtual assistant?

Why would I do that, when potentially it could mean you wouldn’t hire my services?

It is plausible to assume that anyone can hire a virtual assistant or outsource any work for that matter. The truth of the matter (or at least the truth that matters) is that some business owners are not ready to outsource.

Similar to the fact that some employees are not ready to become self-employed (even when they think they are).

The shift of working alone in your business to inviting somebody into your inner world can be daunting.

As a business owner, consider the following:

Signs you NEED a VA

  • Your business is expanding but you are working more and more
  • You are attracting new clients but have no time to onboard and nurture them
  • You are still managing tasks you were doing when you started your business
  • Your business has grown and developed, but you are still updating your own website and answering basic email queries.

These are clear signs that you need to outsource. And a VA will have the qualities and traits required to support you adequately within your business.

But are YOU ready?

I mean ready to allow someone into your cosy den and ultimately change the atmosphere and possibly even shake things up a bit?

5 Reasons You Should Not Hire A Virtual Assistant

Let’s look at the signs that you are not ready to hire a VA or outsource certain aspects of your business. Bear in mind this does not include projects like your new website build or designing your logo.

There are times when you should not hire a virtual assistant :

#1 You need someone in the office

You physically need someone on site to greet customers and clients. They need to (wo)man the phones and do tasks with your accounting, sales, or marketing systems.

There is very little that must be done in-house, so begin to question your real reasons for needing a VA on site.

If you need a presence on-site, consider hiring a temporary or contracted receptionist.

As for your systems, there are huge benefits to moving to the cloud for your CRM or bookkeeping/accounting needs. The platforms are more secure and protected than the systems you have in the office, such as accounts, email, passwords, CRM systems.

#2 You need to micromanage

As well as enjoying having someone physically in the office with you, it’s possible you feel you have to keep an eye on your VA. Unless you hire a temp or contractor, your VA is also a business owner. It’s imperative that they work efficiently and effectively to produce results.

This is simply because it affects their business and reputation as well as yours. They are investing their time and expertise in your processes and tasks.  So as a VA, our time spent is as precious as yours.

#3 You struggle to let go of control

Your business is your baby. No-one knows how to do things exactly the way you do. You’ve honed the processes within your business over the years and know what works. If you have a proven system, your VA will endeavour to learn it and use it as efficiently and effectively as possible.

If you are doing things the way you’ve always done them,  a VA can help you improve on these systems, and move you to more modern and more efficient processes.

#4 You cannot make yourself available

You spent years working on your business fantasy -> idea -> fruition -> success. No-one knows your business goals and aspirations better than you do.

  • You don’t have time to consult with your VA so that they can learn about your business
  • You are not interested in sharing your goals and aspirations for the business
  • You don’t see the point of brainstorming and strategising with your VA.

After all, they are normally hired to just do tasks, right? Why should they need to know anything beyond the process of the task in hand?

Assuming your VA knows how and why you came up with certain tools, processes and procedures is assuming they can get into your head. This may be possible after a while (we do get to know you and your business quite well, and this allows us to preempt and predict with amazing accuracy.) Certainly initially, it is important to share with your VA, so they can arm themselves with the magic that enables them to help you in ways you could only dream about.

A virtual assistant needs to be able to support you and your business. They cannot do so unless they are aware of and know your business goals.

An employee may need guidance and mentoring, possibly even hand-holding.

A virtual assistant needs good communication, good instructions and to understand how you do things.

#5 You don’t know how you would use a Virtual Assistant

This is more common than you think. If you are struggling to identify areas of your business that you could offload or outsource, then be assured that many other business owners are too.

Certain professions have used VAs for decades (yes, even before the internet) and some professions are new to the concept of working with a VA.

Ultimately, it comes down to identifying areas that you can happily offload and get on with the important task of growing your business and serving your clients.

The simplest way to get past this challenge is to connect with a VA and ask them to HELP you identify areas where you can save time and/or money.


How you are costing your business money

If there are tasks that are overly challenging or time-consuming for you, then an easy way to judge if you are costing your business money by doing everything yourself is a simple visual calculation as follows:

Your fee ($100) X 50 hours a week = $5,000

Your fee ($100) X 10 hours admin tasks = -$1,000

Cost to your business = 10 hours of your time AND earnings of $4,000

now work with a VA for 10 hours a week:

Your fee ($100) X 50 hours a week = $5,000

Your VAs fee ($40) X 10 hours admin tasks = -$400

Cost to your business = 0 hours of your time AND earnings of $4,600 (extra $600.)

This ALSO means you can cut your hours by 10 to 40 and STILL come out better off.

When you are at a point of growth, it pays to work with a VA, it costs more to stay as a one-person-show.

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When considering outsourcing, the want to change must be greater than the need to stay the same.

This either means YOU are suffering in your business or you cannot grow your business because you have literally run out of hours. You have no time left. And you know that despite my really bad grammar: you cannot make time out of nothing.

Now, are you ready to hire a Virtual Assistant?

Can you afford NOT to? Look at your business model, and begin to document and review your processes. If this is a huge challenge, then hire a VA to work this out with you, and get those processes in place for you.

Your business will thank you for it,and grow into the new space you provide.

Act today! If you do nothing else today, contact me and let’s have that important conversation!

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